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New Posters

I have been creating some new posters from some of the photos I have taken in the past.  I find it to be a nice experience to go back and look over the photos I have taken.  Too often we get caught up in getting new photos and do not appreciate the ones we already took.

This poster is called "Sunset at Corbett's Farm".  This was a farm in Twinsburg (Ohio) that is now in the process of being converted to a housing development.

The remaining barn and home were removed in September 2012, I was able to visit the farm the night before the structures were removed, I took some photos and they are posted at http://tjpowell.net/2012/09/the-sun-sets-on-corbetts-farm/

You can see all the posters I have created on my Photography Website at http://www.tjpowellphotography.com/posters

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Middle Bass Island Trip

Miller FerryThe family visited Middle Bass Island over the 4th of July Holiday. Photos have been added to the Middle Bass Island Gallery. We got to the Island on The Miller Ferry, we visited many of the sites on the island including the Middle Bass State Park, Cemetery, the site of the old Lonz Winery, JF Walleyes, etc



EPCOT @ Walt Disney World (2012-06)


The Monorail System at Walt Disney World is almost an attraction in itself.  Our kids thought it was a ride when we first started going to Walt Disney World.   They even got to ride in the 1st car with the driver once and that was a very big thrill for them, they have since discontinued the ability to ride up front.  The Monorails are very efficient at getting people from the Ticket and Transportation Center to EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom.  And, the service from the hotel around the Seven Seas Lagoon makes it very easy for us to get to one of the hotels from the Magic Kingdom.  Enjoy!