Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Trip

The boys and I went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today. The major attraction I wanted to visit was the African Elephant Crossing which the Zoo open this past spring.  The photo below is of Willie the largest elephant at the Zoo and the only Male.  According to the zoo keepers he weights approx 13,000 lbs.

After the elephants we headed up the hill to the Primate & Aquatic House. In the outside Gorilla Exhibit there were 2 gorillas and they were very active. All the other time I have been at the zoo they have been sleeping in the corner. The kids said that they thought the gorillas were smiling. I am not sure about that but I did notice facial expressions like the one in the photo below.

After we had lunch we headed up toward the bears and stopped at the Giraffe Exhibit. The Zoo is training the giraffes to eat out of the hands of the visitors. During this training period they are taking a limited number of visitors and letting them feed the giraffes. This was very cool to watch. Did you ever know how long a giraffes tongue is? Photo below of the giraffe being fed.

The next stop was the Bear Area. The Zoo just added 2 new orphaned Grizzly Bear Cubs which they acquired from Montana after their mother was killed. The boys thought they were cute, check it out for yourself below.

All of these photos plus more have been added to my Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Photo Album. You can also check out my other Zoo Photos on the Blog.