6 Months into the Project365 for 2014

I am now 6 months into my 365 Project for 2014.    What is a 365 project?  This is a project where you take a photo a day to document and remember what you did that day.  Most people also post the photo online or collect them and put them on a calendar.

I am doing this project entirely with my iPhone and using the Collect Photo App (get it at http://collectphotoapp.com/) to create my calendars and cards.   The primary photo app I have been using Camera+ by taptaptap (get it at http://campl.us)

This image shows all of the photos I took in June in a calendar view.

You can visit my 2014 Project at http://www.tjpowellphotography.com/2014-365 and if you want to look back at my 2013 Project take a look at the photos at http://www.tjpowellphotography.com/2014-365


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6 thoughts on “6 Months into the Project365 for 2014”

  1. +Karen Kirchner sure. You can start your project365 anytime I started my first one on January 1st of 2013. But you can start any day you like. Seems to me that July 1st is a good start as it is halfway through the year.

    I will post my Lightroom template for you.

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