Winter Soccer

My kids winter soccer season has started.  Our youngest played in his first game today.  They played the Solon Soccer Club.

This winter we are playing at Force Sports.  You can see my son going after the ball in the photo.  The rest of the photos are my Photography Website in the Album located at

Technical Info
Shooting at this venue is extremely difficult. The light is low and in order to get my shutter speed up to around 1/1000 or faster I have to shoot at ISO 12800 at f/2.8.  At this high of an ISO introduces a great deal of noise into the photo.  I used +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to process the photos and with it I am able to clean up a lot of the noise.  I really wish they had better lighting but that will never happen :)


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3 thoughts on “Winter Soccer”

  1. Hey +T.J. Powell, cool shot. I also wondered if you ever see Bob Golic up around Solon? I listen to him on the radio regularly, and I hear him say he lives up there, kids play sports up there. Just wondering. Good day to you. :-))

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