Sunrise over the former Twinsburg Chrysler Stamping Plant

This morning my wife ran to the office early and on the way back she saw the start of a good sunrise peeking between the clouds.  When she got home she told me and I headed out.  I did not expect anything like this today as it has been overcast and snowing.  the clouds parted just enough to allow the sun to peek through just at sunrise.  We are just getting our of one #polarvortex  and have another one starting in a day or so.

This is the site of the former Twinsburg Chrysler Stamping Plant that closed down a few years ago.  They are in the process of converting the land to other uses.  You can see the construction equipment.  Had this photo been taken about one week earlier you would have seen the offices of the old plant.  The offices were just removed in past week.

This is a #hdr  photo that was processed in +Nik Photography 's #hdrefexpro2  & +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


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