My son has started playing Futsal for the winter.  He plays for Twinsburg AC Soccer ( http://www.twinsburgacsoccer.org/ ).  Futsal is a very fast moving game that has very similar rules as soccer.  It is played on a hard court with a smaller heavier ball than soccer.  In this photo you see my son getting past 2 of the opposing teams players.

Twinsburg played two games, one was against the Concordia Soccer Club ( http://www.concordiasoccerclub.com/ ) and in the other they played against the Cleveland Galaxy FC Soccer Club ( http://clevelandgalaxyfc.clevelandgalaxyfc.com/clubs/2335 ).  Twinsburg lost both games.

I took the camera, as I always do, to the game.  I found the shooting conditions to be very difficult.  The lighting was very low and not a good color.  I was using my Canon 50D with a Canon 70-220mm f/2.8L.  I had to push the ISO to H2 (12800 ISO) in order to get i up to 1/800 second shutter speed.  At this high of an ISO the photos get very noisy/grainy.  I used +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V5 to process the photos and get rid of the noise/grain.  I have learned a great deal form +Scott Kelby on his blog and the training on Kelby One ( http://kelbyone.com/ ) and they say to push your ISO to get a shutter speed of 1/1000 second.  But, I do not like the amount of  noise and grain it introduces.  I may need to upgrade my camera body to get better high ISO performance.

Shooting indoor soccer makes me wish it was summer so that I can shoot outdoors, the light is better and the photos turn out much better.

You can see photos of the games on my Photography Website in the photo album at http://www.tjpowellphotography.com/twinsburg-ac-soccer-2013-2014-season-u12-winter-boys


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  1. From what I'm learning, indoor sports shooting is about as difficult as you can get…much like concert photography, but with annoying fluorescent lights that turn everything yellow.  Good action shot!

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