Summer Solstice (or There abouts) Sunset Photo Shoot

On Saturday a group of Photographers had a meet-up in Cleveland at Settler’s Landing Park which is located on the Cuyahoga.  The meet-up was organized by Dale Kincaid on Facebook.

The descripton of the event fromt he Facebook Event Page:

Join in on this yearly traditional flats photoshoot for fabulous
city scenes followed by sunset from the east bank of the flats. The
sun will setting within the frames of two bridges. After the sun sets
there is a wonderful opportunity to turn around to photograph the
illuminated colored bridges at dusk and dark. 

There is parking accross from the Flat Iron Cafe (1114 Center Street,
Cleveland, Ohio 44113) This is a very convenient and safe place to
park and only costs a couple dollars.

The plan is to meet at 7:00pm in the parking lot. Then walk accross
the Center Street Bridge to the West Bank for the city scenes. Prier
to sunset, we'll  cross back to the East Bank for sunset and night

This is a dual date event for both Friday and Saturday evenings.
Please resond to the proper event date.

Post any questions regarding locations, equipment, ect. Hope to
see you all there. 

Dale Kincaid

I looked this location up on The Photographer’s Ephemeris and found that it would be a great spot for the sunset shoot.  The orange line in the screen shot below shows the direction where the sun will be at sunset.

There were about 40 photographers there and everyone had a great time.

I took artistic liberty with the photos and some have a surreal look to them.  Most were processed with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and generally these have a more natural look while the others with the surreal look have been processed with HDR Efex Pro by Nik Software.  Please let me know your thoughts on the photos in the comments.  Thank you and Enjoy.

Below you will find more of my shots in gallery, just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it.  Hi-Res Versions can be found on my Summer Solstice (or There abouts) Sunset Photo Shoot Photo Gallery hosted at Zenfolio.


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