Zam Wesell

Zam Wesell at Star Wars Weekends.  I captured this in 2010.

Star Wars Weekends at the Hollywood Studios continues this weekend.  This is the 2nd weekend and it will run for a total of four weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

From The wookieepedia:

Zam Wesell (pronounced /zæm.wɛzˈɛl/[10] or /zæm.ˈwɛs•əl/[4]) was
a shapeshifting Clawdite bounty hunter from the planet Zolan. In her
true form, Wesell was a reptilian-like humanoid, although she often
appeared as a Human woman with short blonde or bronze-colored hair.
She trained in the ways of the Mabari warriors on her homeworld
before eventually being labeled a heretic and fled to the commercial
center of Denon. To escape, Wesell took the form of a Human woman
and took a job in personal security. Over time, she moved up
through the ranks by honing her skills, gathering equipment,
garnering finances and making valuable contacts which altogether
allowed her to begin a career in bounty hunting.

8 thoughts on “Zam Wesell”

    1. The eyes are great. We have been to Star Wars Weekends several times and the same person has played this part. I can tell by the eyes. I wonder if she is there this year?

  1. She is definitely here at Star Wars weekends this year. I met her and INSTANTLY fell in love with her eyes. As she was signing an autograph, her face cover fell off to reveal that she is beautiful all over. I would LOVE to see what she looks like in everyday clothes.

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