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Trip to Walt Disney World

Final Image
Final Image

Last month the family went to Walt Disney World in Florida.  It has been nearly 4 weeks and I have finally had tome to start going through the photos.  This is the first one that I have looked at and processed.  There will be more to come!  I just need time to go through them.

Back to this photo.  This is Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.  I took this photo about 1 hour after the park closed.  After the fireworks I hung out in the park and took photos.  I took my time getting to the front of the park because I wanted to get photos that did not have alot of people in them.

This photo was created from 3 separate photos taken at different exposures.  It was taken at -2 EV, 0 EV, and +2 EV.  Then the photos were combined using LR/Enfuse.  This program combines the photos allows the dark and light areas to combine and you get a very natural looking photo.  This is an alternative to the HDR techniques that others use.

The original images are below.

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